The Journey of Buildecor

Connecting with the earth using pure and natural stones

Industic Group is a representative Industrial Construction operator providing full range of service in the sphere of Mechanical Engineering worldwide.

BUILDECOR was established in Calicut during 1991, by Mr. A.M. Abdunnazir, a veteran of national and international repute in the field of construction started Manufacturing, Processing and Supplying of Terracotta Products for the builders. In 1995 and 2010 two more firms viz, CEMENT KENDRA and UNI-LOK STONE INDUSTRIES commenced functioning., the former with providing and supplying wholesale Cement Products, Innovative Building Products, Natural Stones, etc. and later with Manufacturing of Natural Cladding Stones, which was South India's first endeavour in this field.

The highly talented and committed architects, artisans, sculptors and carvers are really an asset to the firm. By using highly sophisticated tools and modern technologies, they have finely finished more than 500 intricate designs and patterns. Our innovative and unique products are welcomed by thousands of dream house builders and highly creative and imaginative people. Aesthetic and beauty conscious individuals are thrilled and inspired by an array of our variety products. Buildecor Paving Stone has thousands of fully satisfied and contented customers nationwide. They are a testimony of our reputation now. The harmonious relationship and bond of belief and trust are our moving spirit to progress.


Buildecor Paving Stone, the hidden treasure house of stones keeps creativity and imagination in a carved block of stones. With India’s wondrous Taj Mahal, the Hagia Sophia Museum of Turkey and the fascinating stone carving at Konark Temple, human thoughts and emotions are exposed towards the idea that stones symbolises elegance and since customer satisfaction and pleasure is our first preference, we make no compromise on quality, durability and reliability when it comes to making their dream a reality.


Nature has endowed the planet earth with natural stones in abundance, they are one of the most wonderful and precious gifts. Taking this into account, Buildecor Paving Stone has a store with variety of stones solely for the benefit of thousands of customers to build their creative abode. Our vision is to help in their life-long goal in building their comfort zones with natural stones.


Why Choose Us

We are the only company with 30+ years of experience focused on natural stone for the built environment

We have provided natural stone for several iconic projects across India.

We know the stone better than anyone else. Our existence of 30 years shows it!

Specialist in natural stone to beautify the built environment.

Largest exclusive natural stone showroom

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